Vtiger CRM install tips, directory permissions setting

Install procedure under apache/mysql:


1. Copy & Paste your Vtiger CRM file in your webserver path

2. After pasting Vtiger CRM file, you’ll need to extract the source file in your apache web root directory.

3. After extracting, you’ll need to provide permissions for that file. To give permissions, use the following commands

chmod -R 775 vtigercrm

chown -R <apache_user>:<apache_group> vtigercrm

Note Make sure that you start apache and mysql

4. Now, open your browser and access your Vtiger by using your IP address.

For instance, http://localhost/vtigercrm


Vtiger customization

Login Page Customization files for VTiger 6.0:




for Folder Structure, Module development refer VTiger Wiki Developer Guide

Following procedure shows how to change the Login Page of Vtiger 6.0

Change login page design for Vtiger 6

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