ISP connection load Balancing thru CLI

How to Configure 2 ISP load balancing and detect interface statusĀ Solution

In FortiOS v4.0 MR2, the “Detect Interface Status for Gateway Load Balancing” is an option found on the web-based manager in Network>Interface.

Following the release of FortiOS v4.0 MR3 this feature is available only as a CLI command. It can be configured using the following steps.

1. Check on the interface facing the internet whether fail-detect is enabled (by default it is enabled) and that the fail-detect-option is set to detectserver. To enable fail-detect:
config system interface
set fail-detect enable
set fail-detect-option detectserver
2. To set the detect IP address:

config router gwdetect
edit <interface_name>
set server <servername1_string>
set protocol {ping |tcp-echo | udp-echo}
For example:
config router gwdetect
edit “wan1”
set protocol ping
set server “”