Ransomware Demo videos

This one demonstrates how “Kaspersky Anti-Malware Tool” (100% free tool) effectively blocks the different kinds of Ransomware file exection:


FAKENET, to simulate malware activities :



How to Remove Ransomware .wallet

This article helps you to identify and remove and retrieve a dangerous malware called Dharma ransomware. It converts all the files with .wallet extension once affected.

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When ransomware affects a system/server

  1. Restart the Server in safe mode
  2. Check task manager and msconfig ->startup for any unusual program running and kill them
  3. Check “hosts” file entry for any additional suspicious entry.
  4. download “spyhunter pro edition” for removal and retrieval of files / data.
  5. use “Data recovery Pro” tool to scan infected system for retrieving the data ( Download Data Recover Pro¬†from here. )

How to Decrypt Ransomware


The following site helps you to identify the type of ransomware infected your system. You need to provide 2 inputs