WordPress Free Themes 2015

Following are 10 Free WP Themes where in Zerif is a single page Website, Sparkling is colorful with bootstrap loaded with plugin like accordion, tabs etc. and Evolve has lot of commercial grade features free.

#10 Esteemhttp://demo.themegrill.com/esteem/
#9 Amplehttp://demo.themegrill.com/ample/
#8 Metro CreativeXhttp://demo.themeisle.com/metrox/
#7 Unitehttp://colorlib.com/unite/
#6 Dynamic News Litehttp://preview.themezee.com/dynamicnews/
#5 Responsivehttp://demos.cyberchimps.com/responsivepro/
#4 Spacioushttp://demo.themegrill.com/spacious/
#3 Zerifhttp://demo.themeisle.com/zerif-lite/
#2 Sparklinghttp://colorlib.com/sparkling/
#1 Evolvehttp://demo.theme4press.com/evolve/


Avada – http://demo.theme-fusion.com/

Austin – http://portfoliotheme.org/themes/?theme=Austin

All above themes are reviewed by Ashton in a 16minutes video

Site and video Link



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