MXUptime Backup

Moving MxScan Settings To Another Server

To move the MxScan settings from one Server to another you may do the following. This assumes a standard installation with no special customization

1. Install MxScan on the New Server and ensure that it is running the same version as the Old Server
2. After the new Server has been setup, STOP the MxScanEngine service on the New server and copy the following over from the Old Server

a. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\data\mxscan-config.mdb

b. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\SNF\identity.xml (if Sniffer is installed)

c. C:\Program Files\MxUptime\MxScanME\licensekey.lic (if the New ServerName is same as the previous one)
3. Startup up MxScanConfig in the New Server to visually verify the all of the settings, IPs, etc are correct. Also check to ensure that the MxScanMTA Event has been Enabled. Then do FILE->[Save and Restart] in MxScanConfig.

Additional Notes:
If the New server has a different ComputerName as the Old Server you will need to re-generate your license Key online at . There is one FREE license key reissue for each license.




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